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Pack Breaks are the main commodity, but Singles + incoming PSA Graded Cards are also available. The first ever vintage box is on sale for a massive break: Fossil 1st Edition WOTC Booster Box. Once that’s over with, I am planning to get either a Base Set Unlimited Booster Box or a 1st Edition Team Rocket Booster Box for the next vintage box break. Perhaps I may look into Base Set 2 and 1st Edition Jungle, but we shall see. Would love to keep this going!

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Customer Favorite

Buy packs. I jazz them up. Open them and BAM. God tier pulls just like that! Then they’re shipped to you at your convenience whenever you purchase shipping! That’s what we do here. Simple. Easy. Addicting.


New Item

Cards pulled from stream that won’t be sent in for grading. Therefore, you guys have the chance to purchase them! Wide selection from WOTC 1999 all the way up to the latest sets!

Coming Soon

Awaiting the 69 card submission to return then they will be posted after a reveal on livestream! Will gradually be grading specific cards and posting some of them depending on the situation. Look out for these!!

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